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Import Markdown (from Obsidian)

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Hmmn.  You could export all to PDF and use an Import Folder to import the PDF files automatically.  You'd lose the markdown (presumably) but retain the layout.  The filename would be the note title.

(-Always test any process on one or two notes before you go all in!)

Don't know how Evernote deals with markdown content anyway - I applied a MD style (H6) to the paragraph above and this is what it looks like when pasted into Evernote as MD - 


###### Hmmn. You could export all to PDF and use an Import Folder to import the PDF files automatically. You'd lose the markdown (presumably) but retain the layout. (-Always test any process on one or two notes before you go all in!)

A straight copy/ paste from the original format just comes up as plain text.

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Exporting from Obsidian, you would have to check how Obsidian works. We're Evernote users. Exporting PDFs from Evernote only contains the note text, not the attachments.

I think I would take the route of exploring the markdown to ENEX converters that exist. A search via your favourite search engine will likely take you there. Alternatively markdown to HTML conversion might work well. Convert and drop the file into an Import Folder connected to Evernote.

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Create a folder on your desktop and in the Evernote desktop app link it as an import folder. Place each HTML file in that folder and it will be imported.

Be warned, though, images may not carry forward with the import.

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On 12/8/2023 at 1:30 AM, Robejazz said:

Hi All, I’m looking to import my notes that are currently in Obsidian into Evernote……. Anyone have a good workflow for this? 

Coming back from Obsidian to Evernote: why would you do this? Did you get troubles with Obsidian? Doesn't Sync work fine? For me so far Obsidian seems to be a good approach to run from the current reliability issues I experience with Evernote. I mean: they decide to phase out the only working for me version (Legacy), they quasi shut down support, and more than double the price and all this at the same time! This does not look like a move that makes sense for a healthy company. 

So what solution did you end up using? Are you really back with Evernote? Did the important from Obsidian to Evernote work with notes with pictures and/or attachments?

Any hints?


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Also .md files don't have embedded pictures or attached files. They have links to pictures and files in the filesystem. So probably not. They are plaintext not binary.

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