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If subscription stopped are notes still available?

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Considering leaving Evernote due to the new price for personal tier.  So many features I don’t use to justify the new increase.  I can’t find the place to write to support to ask this question, so asking here.

If I no longer subscribe to Evernote, will all my notes still be accessible on my Mac/iPad/iPhone as an archive so that I can still view the notes, but no longer be able to sync between devices or edit.  

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3 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

You can view, you can even edit (when below the 25 MB size limit).

You can’t create new ones, and you can’t move them to another notebook.

Thank you.  So now no rush or need to move all notes someplace else and I only move the few notes that I do make frequent updates to possibly Apple Notes app.

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