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Missing Images

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I have noticed today, that some of my images are missing from notes. I have checked on my PC, iPad etc and they are gone.

I can also confirm that the images were there as I have opened a previous backup and they are there.

This is not good. What is being done about this?

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If you have the Present option is sounds like you're using the old legacy app?

I can't remember where note history was as its been a few years since I used it... it did have the feature though.

I'm using the Version 10 desktop app and my 3 dots gives me:


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Thank you for the image etc. I am using the old app and I cannot see that option. However, I have just checked the online version and I can see the option with a number of dates going back in time (By the looks of things it may even go back to year the note was created.

Is my next step to try and restore each of the dates until the images return? Is there anything to be gained by exporting as an Evernote XML.

Even if one of the previous dates restores the images, this does not give me comfort as to what went wrong and more importantly how many of my other notes have suffered the same fate.

Thank you for your help and guidance on what to do next.

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