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(Archived) All Notebooks question



Okay this might be terribly basic but I have to ask. I am a Premium Evernote User (and proud of it). At the very top it says "All Notebooks" and the numbers go up, even though I delete messages. Yes I have notebooks and notes in my notebooks but no way do I have 1004 like it says. I look at the numbers next to each notebook but they do not total 1004. These numbers go up but do not go down when I delete notes.

Does this number reflect all notes that I have ever included into the notebooks? Or maybe any changes that have been made? Is there a preference I need to check or unchecked so that it only lists notes that are really in the various notebooks?

Thanks so much

evernoteall notebooks.tiff

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Thank you Jeff, I will look into it. Good idea

I see that under "Tags" there are numbers also. Is it possible that if I have something with tags that also could count in the numbers. It's just 1016 seems like so many messages

Probably will not explode Evernote just seems amazingly high numbers of notes.

Does Evernote have a "rebuild" option? Maybe one of the notes decided to bloat and do weird stuff?

Thank you again

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The numbers associated with tags just means the number of notes that have that tag.

1000 or so notes won't explode Evernote; there are many folks who have waaaayyyy more than that. 10s of thousands o fnotes, I believe.

I'm not aware of any options to rebuild Evernote's database, though one way to do it is of course to move the current database elsewhere and let Evernote sync from the servers. I wouldn't recommend that unless you were really desperate.

Really, really, really desperate.


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