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Question RE: "ID".exb.snippets

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I had a bit of a nightmare and had to move my OS from an SSD to an M.2 drive. The M.2 drive is where my Databases for both Legacy and v10 resided which I moved via Evernote (change location) to a HDD temporarily whilst I was migrating my OS (clonezilla) to the M.2.

Unfortunately I forgot that the previous clonezilla image would still be pointing to the drive where the database would now longer reside.

I was meaning to touch base prior to opening Evernote but I thought what's the worst that could happen. I presumed it would allow me to change the location but it got stuck in a sync and commenced download of the DB.

Anyway legacy has downloaded and re-populated my entire DB 14gb as an .exb and all notes tally in terms of numbers across the board however I've noticed in the database folder I have a file MYID.exb.snippets which is now zero mb and the one in my previous database is 258mb.

What does that file contain ? is it important? can I close Evernote and copy and paste over the one with zero bytes or is this not recommended?

No idea what is inside .snippets.

Any info would be appreciated.



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Unless you have unsynced notes you can delete all the old Legacy data and start from scratch. Allow the app to download from cloud and it should all be good to go. So the old snippets file is likely to be irrelevant for the new installation.

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