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Exporting notes as PDF? Not possible! - EVERNOTE IS A DECEPTION

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 It's ridiculous to know that I have to adapt to another virtual notebook because Evernote lacks this basic necessity for a professional. I upgraded my personal plan to the professional one just to see how the note export functionality works, and even when using the desktop version (for Windows) and Evernote Web, I still don't have that functionality. It's truly a mockery for the consumer, this application.

I've read all the forums, and finally decided to create an account here to ask this question myself: WHERE IS THIS OPTION TO EXPORT AS PDF??????3.png.789c5ceb0770e8d8ed94d44829b90a2a.png



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There is no export option for notebooks on the Web, btw. This is not deceptive, just the opposite. In all export advisories it clearly says "Export from the desktop client".

When using a desktop client it is there, right in the File menu. Or behind the notebook in notebook view, at the 3 dots. Or if you prefer select a notebook, and then in the 3 dots menu of the middle (!) section:



Keep in mind that the pdf export has certain restrictions, rooted in the pdf file format. A pdf can not contain another file, like a pdf inside of it. So with pdf export, the notes and their text will export, as will any picture embedded into the note.

But attachments (pdf-Files, Office-Files, etc.) will only export as a symbolic picture of the attachment, not the attachment itself. To export including attached files, you need to choose the HTML- or the ENEX export format. You see such a pdf here - there is nothing behind or inside the "receipt.pdf" rectangle, it is just a place holder.


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