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REQUEST: AI-based capture

Rafael B


In some situations, when collecting information from a website, article, or document, it can be time-consuming to assign a suitable title or select the correct notebooks and tags in the rush of daily life. I suggest that Evernote incorporates automatic title suggestions through AI, in addition to providing suggestions for notebooks and tags based on the understanding of the document's content.

It would also be helpful to implement a specific menu where users can customize natural language capture rules according to their preferences. For example, "whenever I capture a tweet, place it in the 'Tweet' notebook," or "number all captures from a specific website sequentially, starting from number 0001," or even "always insert the original publication date of the article from the website and the author's name." This functionality would be extremely useful to streamline the capture process and facilitate the subsequent retrieval of collected information, saving us a lot of manual work.



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