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Issue with Font Color Formatting in Chatgpt Code Blocks via Web Clipper

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I've encountered a problem with the Web Clipper when clipping conversations with code blocks in Chatgpt. After clipping the page, the white text in the code block is formatted significantly darker, making the text hard to read in the clipped note. Ideally, the text should maintain its original color.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues and are there any known workarounds or fixes? Any insights or suggestions from the community would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks like in the browser:


And here is a screenshot of how it looks in Evernote after I've clipped it to a new note:


As you can see, the white text has become much darker after Web Clipper has clipped the page and is very hard to read.

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1 minute ago, gazumped said:

Try using the 'copy code' in ChatGPT's top right corner for ordinary copiable text.  Paste it in a search box for more correct layout...

Yes that's what I usually do when I have a short conversation, but if I want to save a long one for the future then it's not feasible to do that manually for every code box.

If the text on the page is white, why doesn't Web Clipper save it as white from the start? Is it a bug?

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17 minutes ago, loynis.armitage said:

If the text on the page is white, why doesn't Web Clipper save it as white from the start? Is it a bug?

I'm not Evernote,  but have you checked how many other comparable web clippers there are? - One that I know of;  which suggests that designing something which will accurately copy content of any sort from any browser in any code base is not the easiest thing in the world.  So no,  it's not a 'bug' but GPT's output is somehow different,  hence the issue.  You could report it to Support referring back to this thread so they can see the comparisons,  and it may get fixed in time  - next year maybe;  or you can find another way to save the content you need.  Maybe paste direct to a code editor to see what happens?  Then attach that file to your Evernote note.

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