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REQUEST: Enable Evernote's PDF Reader to recognize annotations from other apps.

Rafael B


Although it is possible to read external PDFs in Evernote for computers, the app is unable to read and interpret the markings and notes made in this way, and consequently, they do not contribute to the search.
There are five arguments that strengthen the value of this proposal:
1. Quick information: If it recognizes such markings, it will be possible to include them in the Summary for annotated PDFs, which is already one of Evernote's functions.
2. Superior search: Once Evernote realizes that a PDF is full of markings made over many months, for example, it would understand that the document is more relevant than another that has no markings.
3. Access to markings on mobile devices: If Evernote recognizes them, it will be able to render them in the interface, which does not currently happen.
4. Enhanced citation: It would be possible, for example, to refer to specific excerpts from a PDF in notes to maintain organization in knowledge production.
5. AI-powered search: Can you envision what AI search will be capable of with PDFs featuring custom annotations? It will be incredible!

Annotation Summary

💡 What do you think? How could this benefit your daily work or tasks? Comment below!
🔗 Also, check out my more detailed proposal regarding PDF reading in Evernote, located below:
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