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Install Evernote on Kindle Fire tablet

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I go to apkmirror, download the version of the App that I want then install. However, your Fire device needs to have the equivalent of Android 9 or better and you have to be willing to install from a third party device.

Alternatively convert your Fire to use Google Play Store and then install from the store in the normal way.

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I don't understand.  I have never heard of apkmirror, but I found apkmirror.com - is that what you are referring to?  That site seems to have a lot of different software packages, but nothing that would help me as far as I can tell.  Would you please explain what you are trying to say?

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Before undertaking this process you may wish to search for and read general advice about sideloading applications onto Android devices. This allows you to install apps that aren't available through the standard app store. For the Amazon Fire devices this is the Amazon Appstore.

apkmirror.com is a repository of applications for Android devices. These files have the suffix apk and can be installed onto Android devices.

Once you feel confident to install an apk file onto your device then within apkmirror search for Evernote and download the most recent apk onto your Fire device which MUST be running Android 9 or better. Then install the Evernote apk.


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Wow!  Now I see it!

Do the people in charge of APKMirror have any idea how bad it's user interface is?  I looked at the page multiple times over the past few weeks and I could not see the search box.  Not until I was looking at it with my wife looking over my shoulder and she pointed it out.

The person who designed it has to be ... well, the only word I can think of is incompetent.  Why would anyone create a search box that was light orange on orange?  Has he ever heard of color contrast?

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Evernote no longer produces an app for the Kindle devices but you don't need to go through all of these shenanigans like apkmirror. Just use the browser and log in to Evernote.com.

It seems to work fine. Make sure you select the option that allows you to stay in for 30 days. You probably don't want to close that tab when you're done using the program. My guess is that it takes a long time to fire back up if you do.

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