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Have 2 Evernote accounts. Lost password for 2nd. How can I get in?

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I screwed up in not keeping my current password for my 2nd Evernote account. Have been using it every day for a month. Now when I try to log in, and am asked to reset my password, I am directed to use the Authenticator app..... which I have never used and admittedly do not understand what that means. 

Any suggestions?  


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13 hours ago, kok99 said:

I am directed to use the Authenticator app

You appear to have set up two-factor authentication,  which uses a mobile app to generate a passcode for your account.  Such apps also generate emergency codes for use if you lose access to the app.  Your only option is to contact Support for assistance,

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Thanks for the suggestions. The listed Evernote page appears to be out of date; it says you have the option of "Send Verification Email" -- which would be fine, and is the practice for many organizations. But my only option offered is to get a code from my authenticator app. Usually when the Google Authenticator is triggered, I've seen a message on my phone. But with Evernote, I am getting nothing. And I admit to ignorance about authenticator apps generally. 


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The authenticaton processes have all moved to using one of the available apps.  This changed earlier in the year when the SMS code process was withdrawn.

If you have forgotten your password and don't have a two factor authentication app set up you will have to contact Evernote support for assistance.

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The authenticatior apps are mainly build to produce one time codes, based on the current time and a „shared secret“. That a GA may open access to a Google account without a code is plain incidental.

You can use any other authentication app. I use Authy, as an independent app that perfectly syncs to several devices.

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Wow! I appreciate you telling me, but I'm very disappointed in hearing that. But thanks, agsteele.

Question: I have Google Authenticator on my Samsung Android phone. It's been used by other apps. But I never set it up for Evernote. If I cannot get in to Evernote, I'm pretty I *cannot* set up Google Authenticator to work with Evernote. I think I have to do the integration when I am fully able to log in to Evernote. 

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You are correct.

Just a thought ... Do you log into Evernote using a Gmail account and password? So you have 2FA set up for this Gmail account? Could that be the choose requested?

This last is just a guess. More likely you'll need to wait out the support queue 

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Thanks to agsteele and PinkElephant for your info and suggestions. I'm now more or less ready to wait, and wait,  and use another note app (like OneNote) in the meantime. I think Evernote has much to recommend it, and I really like having a default search setting being the currently selected notebook. I think more note apps should do this, so when you have a total of 10,000 notes you don't get bombarded by stuff that's not relevant to your needs of a given moment. 

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