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Evernote update shouldn't always uninstall Legacy

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(I apologize if this thread already exists. I searched the forum for "Evernote update uninstalls legacy" and found no hits among the first few pages.)

I reluctantly upgraded to version 10 because I have private notebooks that I don't want to sync to the cloud. Then I installed Evernote Legacy and set it NOT to sync, so that I could continue to access those notebooks.

Today I accepted an update to the most recent version and had to agree to have Legacy uninstalled again. It would be nice if the installer had realized that since I already had version 10 installed, there was no need to uninstall Legacy again.

"Remember Everything" is no more. Instead, I feel pushed to "Feed Everything to ChatGPT." I was truly annoyed when a prior version of 10 automatically defaulted to AI search. At least the update today didn't reset my choice of standard search.

Please give me the choice to run an archival legacy version of Evernote without having to reinstall it, then manually turning off sync, then reimporting private notebooks. If this persists I'll simply stop updates to version 10 until enough significant changes have occurred. 

BTW - the changes in an update should, ideally, be presented to me BEFORE I choose to install the update, not after.

Thank you,


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The reason why legacy is uninstalled is that v10 and legacy runs each on their own, separate database. These are quite hidden.

Many users would not see that their local data now exists twice - which can be a challenge if you have a small or even medium sized SSD drive.

Technically you install legacy again after the v10 install. However we do warn against using both versions in a mixed setup. Since the new syncing launched in May 23, a legacy install means a permanent data conversion between the two not compatible data structures.

This can lead to data corruption and even loss.

All AI functions are still public beta. To use them you must explicitly activate AI cleanup or AI search, in any single use of them. If you don’t, they won’t be used at all.

About updating: Long term users are not used to frequent updates. Legacy did what ? 1, maybe 2 updates a year ? Not any more: Since v10 EN applies the agile development method, which means many small, incremental updates instead of very few, monolithic ones.

When you skip an update, it will auto-install the next time when you open the client. It’s a challenge if you want to disable this background update.

Personally I think it is beyond the point where legacy had any usefulness at all. Since RTE sync a legacy client is just creating syncing drag and technological debt. It may still work, but running legacy is one sure way to create issues in the use of EN.

I skipped it completely last summer, and am frequently scratching my head when I read about problems reported here in the forum. I think a good percentage is related to a mixed setup with a legacy client. For me it is often plain impossible to reproduce issues that I accept are happening, but where the setup very likely plays a role.

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From my point of view legacy (which unfortunately has just uninstalled from my computer) has at least to big advantages over the new version, apart from a cleaner, more to-the-point look. 

1. It prints better.

2. You can set various spell check languages at the same time. 

Especially this second feature is lacking in the new version. Having most notes in Polish but some in English, I either have to disable spell check entirely or view my English notes all underlined in red because new EN does not have a possibility to set spell check language at all. It's always the system language. 

These are just examples of features missing in new EN, I'm sure there are more. As many here said when new EV was introduced: it's all trumps and bells but lacking some basic things. And it still is. 

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7 hours ago, lukaszw said:

These are just examples of features missing in new EN

Legacy is still available from some repositories - there are still some links in the Forums if you really,  really need to get it back. 

The one major advantage v10 has - is that it will still be operating this time next year.  If it's missing some features now,  we can maybe help with some work-arounds;  and once Evernote finish tweaking the reliability and speed they will be free to consider adding 'new' features that were not initially part of the new build.

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With all due respect, Pink Elephant and Gazumped - and I've appreciated your posts here for many years - you didn't read my post carefully.

I first started using Evernote in 2010. I have local private notebooks that I don't want to upload to the cloud. I also have several dozens of archival notebooks that I don't need to sync, because they only cause bloat. I currently have all of this on a separate EN account. To access this non-cloud stuff is why I'm re-installing Legacy and setting it not to sync.

What would make me happy is if Evernote could turn Legacy into a viewer of local ENEX files, with no sync capabilities. Allow it to import and export ENEX files, but that's it. This version of Legacy would allow me the backward compatibility I'm seeking, and maybe (I'm not a programmer) meet Evernote's need to avoid conflict between two different database structures. The viewer wouldn't have to be uninstalled each time there's a update, and we all could live happily ever after. Or until Evernote makes another major change.

Regarding Lucaszw's complaint, I don't even try to use spell checker with a second language. I agree that it's quite annoying.



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There is a storm on the horizon, and you have your valuables on the boat.

What you are asking for is to safeguard the boat, improve the harbor, or change the weather report.

What we tell is to move your stuff at the shore.

My advise would be:

  • Export the private notebooks, preferably to HTML. This you can then save away, and open it independently from a working EN client with any browser. You can access the attachments (probably important documents) even without a browser, but a pdf reader (or other matching software). A backup copy can be stored as ENEX.
  • With archived notebooks it may be the same, or - if importing them is no problem - in ENEX files.

This means onshoring your data.

We simply don't know if legacy will simply stop to sync, but stay operational for local use, or whether it will completely quit working when it can't connect to a server. We can't tell either whether functions like in document search will be still supported when running on a strictly local database. You can take a risk by finding out, but as I said: Better have your data safe & dry, where the storm can't reach it.

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I hear you, PinkElephant, thank you. The joy of dealing with proprietary file formats. Prior to Evernote I used InfoSelect, and it was the same situation.

"Remember everything" as long as the user takes the time and trouble to move everything they don't want to sync (or to sink, using your metaphor!) out of the Evernote boat. It still feels like a broken promise.

Do you think I should bother to suggest a non-syncing Evernote viewer app?

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...And just to add:  Legacy is not just at threat from Evernote moving on.  Operating systems and browsers are changing too,  and Evernote is highly unlikely to update anything that is not v10.

1 minute ago, lenarr said:

Do you think I should bother to suggest a non-syncing Evernote viewer app?

Suggest by all means - but it is most unlikely to happen.  @PinkElephant already suggested the closest alternative,  which is to export to HTML and use a browser to view your notes...

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31 minutes ago, gazumped said:

closest alternative,  which is to export to HTML and use a browser to view your notes...

This might be a good alternative to a viewing-only (*) Legacy installation - if the HTML export would preserve note's Created and Updated time stamps with the .html files.  (Implementation effort for a developer: less than a day)

Adding user tags to files (as a mirror of the note tags) is also possible with (at least) Windows file systems (Implementation effort: some days...)

But I'd like have this possibility in Legacy to avoid note format changes as it is done in EN10. I know this will not be done by EN 😞. Save your comments 😉 

(*) I'd vote for a non-syncing Legacy installation. Viewing only is not a good idea for people who want do deal with older notes - just for gardening purposes in later days...

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17 minutes ago, AlbertR said:

I'd vote for a non-syncing Legacy installation.

I think it's pointless to hold out for any revision of the former Legacy set-up.  What exists is all there is,  and even that is gradually wasting away as other software advances.

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