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Floating header and filter in tables

Rafael B


The Evernote is a note-taking, organization, and ultimately productivity tool. Its tables play a fundamental role in this regard, as they can present information in a more objective manner. However, some bottlenecks in the Table function need improvement, and for that, I propose two things:
  1. Floating header with filtering and sorting functions for the table (similar to Google Sheets);
  2. Simple mathematical calculations.
Illustration 1 - Microsoft Excel


Illustration 2 - Perhaps this illustration may have excessive functions, but what I want to demonstrate in it is the filtering in action.


The introduction of a floating header would facilitate navigation in extensive tables, keeping information visible even when scrolling through the page. The inclusion of filter and sort buttons would provide a quick and intuitive way to organize data, allowing users to find important information and create custom views for the same table. Imagine the convenience of sorting information with just one click, without the need to scroll through the table looking for specific information.
The ability to perform mathematical calculations directly in the table cells is another valuable suggestion, although this is not the primary function of Evernote. Simple functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and average, integrated into the cells, would simplify the analysis of numerical data, eliminating the need to switch between different applications.
Finally, thinking more about the future, integration with other Evernote features into tables (as many have already suggested in this forum), such as reminders, tags, tasks, and the like, would be welcome. This would open up new possibilities for organization and categorization. Associating specific reminders with cells or applying labels directly to data would contribute to a more cohesive system that is adaptable to the various needs of users. These improvements would not only enhance the functionality of tables but also the overall organizational experience in Evernote.
What do you think of these suggestions? Let's share ideas to make Evernote even more efficient and adaptable to our daily demands.
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Requested a lot, for many years.

Currently tables are simply a formatting tool - that's all. This makes the HTML expression behind it relatively simple.

Maybe this will be changed one day, maybe not. I think it would take a significant degree of modifications to the app and the back end, so let's not hold our breath. It would be beneficial, no doubt about it.

For the time being we still need to embed a spreadsheet if we want an active table in a note. With a Professional subscription this becomes an active element, showing life and allowing to move through the table by dragging the scroll bars (only for Office type documents).

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1 minuto atrás, PinkElephant disse:

Currently tables are simply a formatting tool - that's all. This makes the HTML expression behind it relatively simple.


I read in one of Evernote's blog post that there was a change regarding notes no longer being stored in HTML. Would you be able to explain details about this?

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Sort of. They are rendered on the client side as HTML with some custom additions for tasks and whatnot. If you export as an ENEX file you still get a sort of HTML XML file again with extras. 

I believe the backend storage is very different now though which is why legacy notes have to go through the conversion. 

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