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Request: Note Filtering with Few Clicks

Rafael B


I present the suggestion to implement a quick filter function, inspired by the one found in Google Sheets, directly into the list view interface (Figure 1). This functionality would provide a swift search for notes based on specific criteria, such as keywords in the title, location in stacks or notebooks, creation or update date, tags, among others, in a faster and more efficient manner with just a few clicks.
With the introduction of the new quick filter function in the top or side list view, you would have the convenience of locating notes according to a specific aspect by simply typing in the corresponding filter (Figure 1). For instance, if you want to find a note with the title 'Trip to the coast', just click on the title filter and type the title, and the interface will display the note. This same process can be applied to other aspects, such as update date, creation date, location (notebook), size, tags, etc. Currently, the interface opens a submenu (Figure 2), requiring a reload for each modified aspect, making the process slow and cumbersome.
The agility provided by this function becomes especially valuable in time-sensitive situations, such as finding, during a trip, the address of a restaurant suggested by someone, the ticket for a bus journey, or simply a requested payment receipt. All of this without the need for a universal search across all aspects of a note, focusing solely on the desired filter.
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You save exactly one click. The one to open the filters icon. No more.

Is it worth the gain, vs. sort of cluttering the UI ? Probably depends on how often you use it. I feel that for many filter options the fastest approach is still by typing the filter right into the search field, together with the search term. But maybe I‘m just too old school.

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25 minutos atrás, PinkElephant disse:

You save exactly one click. The one to open the filters icon. No more.

The way it currently works, when using the "filter notes" feature, you're not able to see the notes while filtering, making it impossible to make quick micro-adjustments to the filtering. So, it's not just about saving a click; it's about providing the user with the most advanced UX and UI. Each attempt to filter acts like a new search, making the entire process more cumbersome and slow. Additionally, placing the filter icon next to the title of each column is an industry standard. So, if this overloads the interface design, should we change the entire standard and follow only what Evernote is doing, which, as we know, is at the forefront of global UI and UX (contains irony). 

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Agora, PinkElephant disse:

You don't need to convince me. You need to convince EN staff.

All these suggestions I'm also sending by email, haha.
Now think with me: if I'm having difficulty convincing you, imagine how it would be to convince a team to spend hundreds of hours programming to introduce a feature?
-> My role here is just to defend my argument and perhaps discover more people who agree and engage.

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