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Why does Evernote recording stop when toggling between apps Ipad/Iphone?

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We use Evernote for the purpose of recording our meetings. Suddenly we can’t use it in that way because when you toggle to another app during the conversation, the recording stops. Is there a different setting? Has something changed - why isn’t this working any more?

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No changes in EN known - you can ask support. Could be caused by a restriction from iOS as well.

BTW I wouldn’t use EN for this purpose, especially on the mobile client. Once you loose the internet connection, the recording can get lost. It is not retrievable. This happens because it syncs the recording with the server.

Better solutions save on device. I use Just Press Record. Beside the local saving, it can transcribe the audio into text as well. No idea if it continues when changing apps - not my use case.

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