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HELP: My email account changed and I lost all my content

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The subject line says it all. I had an Evernote free account on my Samsung Galaxy smart phone, and used it to keep personal notes on my phone. At some point, I upgraded my phone and e-mail address for a variety of technical reasons.  Today used Evernote to build a list of job prospects I found online, to help my daughter (who I believe could use some help, having been out of work for several months). I was going to e-mail this note to her, and noticed my original email address had changed, so I attempted to add my current email address to my Evernote app. Before I knew it, my old content had vanished. I tried to log in using my original email address, but was told I had changed my password 771 days ago, a bit over two years. Now I have a new account, and have no access to my old account and existing content. I can't get a clue as to my old password, because it's being sent to my old email address, which hasn't existed for well over a year.

Am I screwed, or what? There appears to be no way to contact Evernote other than this forum (or to wade through a menu of all the possible things they already thought of, none of which comes close to my need). I'd sure like to have a clue, but the prospect seems remote.

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My favourite search engine pointed me to the Evernote help pages which included a link to submit a request for help from Evernote support.


Submit a request for the Account area. Expect a wait of 10-14 days for your response. You'll need a new Email address that isn't the one you used to create your new, empty account.

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I am in the same situation - I do not have access to the email account listed, and cannot reset the password, which it keeps asking me to do to 'reactivate'. 
I'm SO freaking frustrated.

I created a new empty account to send a message a week ago, and again today.
Is there anyone there at all?????

Please help!

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I am in the same boat. I contact support, explained that it was an old Account and I no longer had any access to the email. I even so far as to explain what some of the material in my old account could be. I had kept notes and quotes, scenes, etc for books I was working on.

They told me they couldn't help me at all. I have to try to start over from memory or see if I was lucky enough to put that information somewhere else

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