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Screen capture on Windows 11

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This still does not work on Windows 11.

Any key combination simply does not result in a response on the computer.

Uninstalling the built-in Windows snipping tool does not fix it. 

Changing the key combination does not fix it. 

Choosing "capture screen" from Evernote icon in taskbar does not result in a response on the computer. It is as if you have not clicked or done anything. 

The only thing that does work (in my experience) is using Screenshot in the Chrome browser extension, but of course that assumes you have a browser open. 

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I think @sefdaasdfgadgis refering to the built-in EN feature for directly screen capturing to a new note:


They chose the exact keyboard-shortcut as windows uses for the snipping tool. So all you get when hitting alt+ctrl+s is the snipping tool. Even if you click on the monitor (see my screen shot bottom left) - which is a button within the Evernote task menu helper app - you get the snipping tool and not the capturing tool within Evernote. The last seems weird to me.

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It is a bit more complex. Microsoft made a change in Windows 11 a year or so back. At that point regardless of the keystrokes you choose for the Evernote screen clipper it, instead, launches the Windows snipping tool. Apparently Windows 11 captures Evernotes screen clipper.

The only workaround is to use the Windows tool and then paste the captured image into the desired note. I prefer to use Win+Shift+S since that takes me straight to the crosshairs like the Evernote clipper.


Select the Windows snipping tool directory as an Import Folder.  Then using the Windows snipping tool with Win+Shift+S will do exactly the same as the Evernote screen clipper. If it helps, most accounts have the screenclips saved in C:\Users\your-windows-username\Pictures\Screenshots

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As noted above - I use Win 11;  I don't know whether it's widely known,  but the Shift+Win+S shortcut that I use allows me to capture an area of the screen into Clipboard - which by definition means that if I have a handy note nearby I can screen grab and immediately paste the image into a note.  If only there was a shortcut to open a new note quickly... oh,  wait...

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