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Corrupted database?

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Using Evernote for WIndows, 10.66.3, I find that 100s of previously deleted notes reappeared yesterday, with yesterday being shown as the "last edited" date. Moving these notes to trash (again), a few at a time, takes several minutes for the app to process. 

Further, the application has been repeatedly crashing today, and when it is restarted it takes many minutes to load. Similarly, I have experienced very significant delays in loading notes ever since I transitioned from the legacy version. 

The web version now has the previously deleted notes but it is not crashing. 

Suggestions for solving this would be greatly appreciated!!!

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The first option would, I think, be to reinstall.

Use a program called Revo Uninstaller to uninstall. This will fully clean out all corrupted data and program files. The standard Windows uninstall is less complete.

Then reboot your PC and download the installer from evernote.com/download

Reinstall and see if that fixes things for you. You will need to wait a day or so for the data to fully sync.

It looks like you will have to delete the previously deleted stuff manually. You can highlight up to 100 notes are a time. Whilst you are waiting for the app to resync you could do the deletions from the web client.

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Thank you very much. After I posted my query, the Windows version started behaving again, and I was able to delete the notes 100 at a time. Syncing proceeded well and there have been no further crashes. But your uninstall recommendation still makes sense. It might help with the chronic sync delays I have experienced since going from legacy to version 10.

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