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(Archived) Evernote Windows Client - Set Location not quite working

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I noticed that we now have the option to set the location of our evernote DB files. However, we appear to be limited to whatever drive on which the files currently reside.

e.g. I am locked in to a Synced "My Docs" folder at my workplace. (I'm sure I could probably find some way around it, but it's a hassle and not worth the trouble.) My "My Documents" folder is actually a network share something like \\Server1\Users\MyLogin\Documents. When I try to set a different location for my Evernote files, I can choose any folder to which I have access, as long as it is on \\Server1\Users. I can't choose my local hard drive at all, nor can I create a shortcut to a local drive and use that to get to my C: drive.

I tried to track down this setting in the registry or some config/ini file, but couldn't find it.

I appreciate that you give us the option to override the default location, but I'm still getting corrupted Evernote files with the synced network folders and need to be able to choose a local drive in order for this to work. Of course, I could be wrong about what's causing the corruption, but others don't seem to have the same issues I'm having so it seems like an issue with the synced files and something interrupting a process or not working well with Offline Files.

Running the latest Windows beta client (build 582).

I can copy that exb file to a local drive and open it by double-clicking, but still can't launch Evernote directly from the start menu or the shortcut. I have to open my local file directly in order for it to work properly.

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I have exactly the same problem (wanting to change the location) but as I am a very new user I have not yet run into corruption issues (but I see them coming). Seems like a lot of corporate users could potentially run into this.

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See a related post to this about Changing the location. Something along the lines of creating and setting a DefaultBasePath value in the HKCU\Software\Evernote area. It's not there by default, so you'll need to create it, but once you do and move the exb file there, it works without any issues (that I've found so far).


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