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Parts of notes seem to randomly disappear

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I've noticed in my notes that randomly text is erased or duplicated occasionally. Can't find a pattern or trend to this but it's very annoying, since I'll lose chunks of text and sometimes I won't even notice and it's gone, unable to recover it. Any ideas what's causing this? Been happening for months now. On the latest version of the app (free) on Android 8 - I use both the mobile app and desktop web app daily.

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Hi.  Sadly the 'Legacy' clients are out of date as of 2020 and are no longer supported.  I have two old Android devices that still have that installed,  and I'm aware of syncing issues because the new v10 of the app uses a different format than the legacy clients and things have to be translated backwards and forwards.  If you're not planning to update your device,   you would be best off using v10 on the desktop or finding another note-taking app.  Legacy may stop working at all soon.  :(

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