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(Archived) Am I doing something wrong here? - Shared Notebooks

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I've recently found a use for Shared notebooks, but can't manage to configure it well.

Here's what I did:

I created a notebook, shared it with an email address and checked the "require log in to Evernote", and sent it to my friend who was next to me at that time while we were configuring a shared notebook together. However, I did not see the (+) sign when he clicked through the link with his Evernote account logged in. It was editable within the web interface, but was not connected in the application itself.

I then made the notebook public as a test, and then after my friend visited the public link, we saw that the (+) link to notebook option was available. We tried that, but then we found out that he could no longer edit the notes. :|

Am I doing something wrong here?

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I have a same problem. Shared a notebook with a friend, clicked "require him to log in" but the friend can't edit

notes in windows client but only in the web interface which is not at all as handy as the client! How to fix this?

We both have premium so that shouldn't be the problem.


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