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Webclipper not working on Safari MacOS 14.1

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The Web Clipper to me is one of the most essential Evernote features, unfortunately it no longer captures all the imagery and visuals on some websites when using Safari (MacOS 14.1). I tried for example all available clipping formats for the following article, none worked the graphs from the FT could not be captured with the Web Clipper.


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It's behind a paywall, so no chance to try.

It is quite common that those websites that enforce a paywall policy make content hard to clip. That's a cat&mouse game between the web designers and the clipper team.

You can contact support about it.

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I have the same problem.  very frustrating.   also problem is intermittent.  what happens when I try to clip a page, instead of web clipper loading and then clipping the page, a new web page opens up and says "Success!  Web clipper log in successful!"  Duh.  

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