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(Archived) What's In Your Evernote?

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After being inspired by the "Evernote Users - How many notes do you have?" thread (viewtopic.php?f=30&t=21264), I am now starting a new thread discussing a somewhat similar but a different topic: "What's In Your Evernote?"

List the top 5 types of things that you put in your Evernote:

  • [*:3e8000c8]1. Web Clippings (Of news and other inspirational webpages on the web.)
    [*:3e8000c8]2. Class Notes
    [*:3e8000c8]3. PDF and docx documents that I accumulate throughout the day (They go into my Files/Dropbox folder)
    [*:3e8000c8]4. GTD Tickler notes
    [*:3e8000c8]5. Miscellaneous notes - Evernote does what it was aimed for best - Remembering Everything. Instead of solely committing things to memory now and risking the fact that I might forget the thing later on, I now also enter the thought or idea into Evernote as an insurance to forgetting.

Also, a general question - Did your Evernote application slow down as you add in more things to Evernote, or is it still running as fast as it was on Day 1?

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1. Web captures + PDFs for instant access to tips/tricks related to my programming life (SQL/PHP/Java)

2. My weekly German courses (teacher's notes, exercices, ...): scans mainly.

3. Ideas/texts for my blogs: text-only for most of the part

My GTDs stuff is put in Nirvana system; no photo;

W7 and 10.6.4 using local clients; exclusivly using Web interface (of course) on my 10.4 G5

No performance slow down on W7 and SL (latest release of clients)


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