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How is it that copy-and-pasting into Code Blocks is still completely broken?



Create a multi-line code block (the kind that starts with three backticks ``` ).

Copy a few words of text from anywhere.

Put the cursor in the middle of a line in your code block, and paste.

What you pasted now appears in a new line, all on its own -- not inline like EVERY SINGLE MULTI-LINE TEXT INPUT ON PLANET EARTH does.

I've been using Evernote for years and I cannot believe that this issue still exists. I use Evernote to keep code snippets and templates and it's an absolute nightmare.

Devs, what's the deal? When is this gonna be fixed?

See below for an example. (1) is the original multi-line code block. (2) is the text I want to add to the second line. (3) is what happens after I paste the text in.




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