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Windows 11 - resource hog & multiple processes

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I have been an Evernote user for several years. I recently purchased a Windows 11 laptop (with an i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM) and noticed that Evernote is a massive resources hog and is slowing down my laptop. I use the application/program, NOT via a web browser.

When I open Task Manager, Evernote typically has 8 separate processes running, signified by an "8" next to Evernote under the "Apps" section. I also often see many Evernote tasks running under "Background Processes" when I quit Evernote. And the amount of RAM it uses is often 1-2 GB.

And when I do use Evernote it becomes very glitchy. I often can't use it to take any notes as it repeatedly pauses and despite typing 5-6 words, it pauses halfway through the first word. In short, it is now becoming unusable and I will need to find a new program/application to use. 

Are there any settings I can modify to reduce the resource consumption and remedy the performance issues? 

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Welcome to the forums. How recently did you install Evernote on the new computer? It can take quite some time for it to fully download a large notes database from the Evernote servers, and during this time it may churn away in the background. Currently I've got 4 Evernote processes under apps and 4 under background processes (on a Windows 10 laptop), totaling maybe 1 GB. It doesn't affect the performance of Evernote or anything else that I can tell.

The typing hesitations might be more concerning. On a hunch, go to Settings > Application and scroll down to Advanced, and try checking Hardware acceleration disabled, then restart Evernote. There have been reports of hardware acceleration interfering with Evernote's functioning. If not that, then you may need to contact support; the slow typing is definitely not normal.

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Thank you for the feedback, Dave!

Installation: I installed Evernote 2 months ago and my computer is online and connected all day.  

Hesitation: I went to settings and did disable Hardware Acceleration as suggested, followed by restarting Evernote. I also restarted my laptop, and the hesitation persists. I will monitor performance and see if anything changes.

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