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(Archived) Advice Needed for Multiple Users



I am a premium user. When my wife got a Mac and iPad, I installed Evernote and linked it to my account. With the ability to share notebooks, I'm now wondering if I should setup a new account for her so that all of my notes don't end up on her Mac. Currently she uses only two notebooks out of the 15 or so I have. The major advantage of sharing my account is that since it is a premium account, we get a few frills but she really isn't a power user. But I often find random stuff sitting in my main notebooks that she put there by mistake. Question: How do others use Evernote in multi-user families?

  • Do you share an account?
    Can you sync only certain notebooks to certain machines?
    If you think I should set up a new free account for here, what is the procedure considering her computer is already associated with a different account?
    What other suggestions might you have?

Thanks much!

- John

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