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Why are my notes blank in the Windows app ?

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Good to see my hard earned money is going towards a great product and customer support (!?)

Since I appear to pay for a product which has little support from the people that actually wrote it I was wondering if the community could help? I have noticed that when I search and open a note it is often entirely blank. I know the content is there as it opens fine in the web version of evernote but not on Windows. I then eventually get a "Note unavailable" unable to load this note. Please refresh the page or try again later - which doesn't work. 

I've uninstalled/re-installed but that doesn't help - has anyone else had this? 


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It's a syning problem that cannot be solved on your site in short time 😞
You did all that can be done (Refresh by Ctrl-R, Un-/Reinstall, contact support (have you?))
Only possible workarounds for now: Use WEB client (as you did), use Legacy (which never showed and shows this effect) and have patientence 😐

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This is also happening to me, but only on Windows 11. My phone and my computer with Windows 10 works fine. 

10.64.5-win-ddl-public (20231025132339)
Editor: v176.15.0
Service: v1.76.1
© 2019 - 2023 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved

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