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Hello, I have exactly the same as

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I have exactly the same as Can not find some notes with search function

Some notes are not found when searching for words from that note. This applies both on my Windows 11 PC and on an iPhone or with Evernote Web.

It seems like some notes are being skipped during a search. The note I am trying to find is not shared.

It makes me nervous when I can't trust the results of a search.
Search is one of the most basic functions.

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I'm sorry to hear of your experience. If you are seeking advice and help then I think you'll have to give some specific examples of the searches you are attempting which do not work.

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An example is a note I made last week. Any word used in this note cannot be found with the search function. If the searched word occurs in another note, these notes will be found. At least I hope so. Because there may be more notes with that word that are not found. That's what I'm concerned about.

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I'm sure that you are experiencing the issue but I'm not able to try and reproduce since I don't know what you are typing in the note nor what you are putting in the search. Given that you have the issue on the different devices it seems unlikely to be a general note issue. 

Is the problem with all notes or just searching for text in one specific note?

All I can say is that I'm not having any problems with search.


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The note not found contains normal text. As mentioned, every word in the note cannot be found. I understand that you cannot reproduce it, but I read in the forum that several people are experiencing the same problem.
I discovered the problem with one note, but there may be more notes that cannot be searched for. That's the tricky part. You don't know if you're missing something if it isn't found. The incident mentioned is the only one I know of.
You say: "it seems unlikely to be a general note issue". I don't exactly understand what you mean by that.

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1 hour ago, Con Vemeulen said:

I read in the forum that several people are experiencing the same problem.

We're unable to tell whether this is the same problem without having an actual  sample of the text in this specific note. 

You've say there's an issue with finding the content of one note - that doesn't mean anything has been lost,  just that searches may not turn up every instance of a search term.  Which is something that applies to every search,  everywhere. 

If you need to be absolutely sure you capture every instance of a particular topic,  you may need to use one or more combinations of stacks / notebooks / keywords in title / AI searches / tags.

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