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Evernote Mac 10 Card view not showing PDF preview images properly

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Hey guys,

In Card view, some of the Notes don't show the previews of the files properly. Random cards do show the preview, but the others are blank. When you actually open the note - the PDF image/file opens up no problems. It's just the preview image doesn't show properly.

Any ideas of how to fix this? or is it a bug?



W 2023-10-27 at 7.48.30 am.jpg

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Preview may or may not be there.

It's a server side function, that may take some time to show. From the file name these files were only recently added. Most probable the pdfs have not yet been processed, so OCR, search and preview may still be missing.

A little patience is the best you can have now.

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Can anyone get a response from evernote support? I'll get an automated response for more information, Ill respond with the info and nothing happens. My problem, cannot print notes that are formatted correctly, in the application they look correct, if I export as a pdf the formatting is all messed up. Maybe now that I've payed my yearly subscription they'll respond?

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The topic of this thread is how pdf attachments show in card view in the app.

Your problem seems to be with printing notes with attachments - which has nothing to do with the topic of this thread.

Please open your own new thread, or search for one that occupies itself with printing notes with attachments. Hint: When you print / export a note to pdf with an attachment, the attachment will show as a symbol in the printed / exported note. To print the attachment, open the attachment and print it.

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Hi - So with this PDF blank issue, it's still happening and even notes from 1+ years ago have the same issue.. It's random which notes show the preview and which notes are blank.

Is this something fixable? Or is it just a bug we have to live with?


W 2023-12-08 at 6.53.42 am.jpg

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