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URGENT - Evernote 10.64.5 on Windows is all blank - Last note not saved on the cloud

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Yesterday, I worked all day on a note on my Evernote app for Windows. It was a long note (25-30 pages long) and full of images. After I finished it, I closed it all and turned off the computer normally (as I do every day).

Today, I couldn't even open the Evernote app when I tried. It's all blank screen (as seen in the image).

First, I had to click on the app several times for it even to ignite. When it did, it kept loading for a few seconds, and it's all white now.

It gets worse: I checked on Evernote Web, and the note I was exhaustingly working on yesterday was not saved. It's not there. It's despairing and frustrating!

I tried rebooting the computer several times, and it didn't work. I also tried installing updates, and the latest versions, but the same problem persisted.

What should I do? I need to access the note from yesterday ASAP.

I also attached the logs of my Evernote. It took a while for the actionable text to appear on it, but at least it worked.

I'm afraid to uninstall it and lose all my 12 hours of work yesterday.

Please, someone help me!




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Fortunately, it did not take too long for all to be solved.

What did I do? I left the blanked Evernote open and running. After 50 minutes, my long note from yesterday was uploaded to the cloud so I could access it normally. Also, after leaving the program on its own for a while (I guess a couple of hours), I plugged the computer out of the battery suddenly. When I turned my computer on again, the program was running smoothly. All of this happened on the same day. So, I just kept doing my work!

Thanks all!

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