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Updated to version 10.63.4-win-ddl-public (20231006121931)

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So I had a message in Evernote to update to latest version this morning which apparently I did since it says I have the latest version.

Created a new note and put three images in and started transcribing the document on my notepad (paper).  Suddenly the note disappeared and so did several others that were just images in that notebook.

I am afraid to even look in any other notebooks for fear other notes are missing as well.

This needs to be fixed ASAP!

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The current release is 10.64.4 so things have moved on.  You can wait for Evernote to send you the latest version or you can download the current version from evernote.com which should have this new version soon if it has not already arrived. The Check for Updates menu option may not tell you that there is a more up to date version available.

This doesn't apply to the application from the Microsoft Store.  That will update in its own time as decided by the store.

All that said, we're not seeing lots of reports of this issue so getting the latest version installed may fix things for you.  You can also check the web browser client and see if your notes are stil present.

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I have seen several people discussing this same issue on Reddit and having the same issue. I updated my phone and windows laptop (still have version 10.64.3-win-ddl-public (20231016152524)  And it tells me I have the latest update.  Hopefully this will fix the issue.I am hoping since it didn't update properly this morning that that is what caused my issues.  We shall see.

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The app updates were ALWAYS rolled out on a staged timeline, even back then when legacy got 1 or 2 updates a year. This is nothing new - waiting until the app shows the update can differ a week between the first and the last Clients.

You always get the latest version by downloading from the EN website.

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