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Manual Sort for Notes in Notebooks



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Evernote really doesn't care about this. They won't even give us an explanation for why it was removed. I keep getting a notice that I *must* upgrade from Legacy. I'm very nervous that it will just stop working (e.g. syncing) some day soon. Asking for help seems to do no good.

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Three years ago it was announced that the old versions of the software would not be supported any longer. Several months ago it was announced that the sync process with v10 was changing. A backend conversion was implemented to allow those using the Legacy app to work with the new sync data.

Now the emphasis is on persuading users of the Legacy apps to switch. I think it is reasonable to infer that when use of Legacy drops sufficiently it will be withdrawn. Probably with a few weeks notice to give the diehards time to make a plan to switch or leave.

My view is that it is time to make peace with the changes or, wisely, decide on an alternative.

It is likely that any change will bring a hit to your workflow. The switch to v10 will have the least effort.

Whatever you do, please make a plan for the day when Legacy stops.

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Personally I don’t think legacy users have any leverage left to demand changes in v10.

Who did not participate in moving v10 ahead in the past has to take it as it is by now. Nobody will tie any changes taking up time to develop and release to a clock that’s already ticking for legacy. So nobody will promise anything as a precondition to cut legacy off the server.

Syncing will stop, and I advise any user still on legacy to make his peace with v10, and focus on how to build his workflows there.

Those here with some experience in v10 can assist - but only if precise questions are asked and use cases explained.

To answer the question: You can sort the view, but by less columns than before, and not differently notebook by notebook. For some use cases saved searches can be an alternative.

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