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"Author" not appearing anymore after I installed Web Clipper

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I don't know why my name stopped automatically appearing as author after I installed Evernote's Web Clipper. I now have to add it manually. Does anyone know how to fix this? I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. It didn't work. 

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Hi.  Can't see anything in preferences or settings for the installed app or Clipper.  My notes continue to show an author.  I'd suggest you contact Support (who are not us) to see if they can help.

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1) The web clipper is a browser extension. If it is there has NO influence on the app, which is independent from any browser. And the web clipper can be installed, even without having the app installed on the same computer. The web clipper sends its content through the API to the server, not through the local OS to the installed client.

2) The author field is still filled, when there is an author.

3) When web content is clipped, there usually is no author. I checked some older clips, some have an author, some don't .

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