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Stop updating too frequently.



I've been using Evernote for over 10 years.

I am seriously considering discontinuing its use.

The sole reason is the frequent updates.

Whenever I launch the app on Windows, it takes an incredibly long time to open.


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This are 2 unrelated issues.

Frequent updates - yes, especially the „point“ updates with small fixes are up. You can send feedback, or issue a support ticket to contact EN staff.

Slow startup: The last updates brought some database optimizations. Maybe let the app run in the background for a while. You can check as well in the Task Manager if there is network traffic while you haven’t used it actively. Then it is rebuilding something in the local database.

If not, laggyness on startup is often a sign of a database corruption. Uninstall using Revo Uninstaller, then restart the PC. Install again, and let it run until the initial download is through.

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Agreed, I love the app but man, can the devs maybe collect a few fixes/whatever for a week before pushing an update? It feels like there is a "restart and update" thing every single day.

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