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Desktop client does not start at all in Windows 10 and unable to use

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Hi Guys,

I use Evernote on Windows 10 pro which has been working well. But today the desktop edition is just taking a long time to load and does not load at all. How can I make the desktop client load completely so that I can use it? It is just clocking and has not loaded at all.


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I have the same issue. Evernote worked fine yesterday but it is not loading today. It shows the same screen as Buyan indicates above. I logged in to Evernote web and it logged in fine and I was able to get to my notes that way but not using the Win10Pro desktop app.

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3 hours ago, VincentC said:

Apparently it's a thing.

Or mabe not.  I run two Windows devices - one W10 and one 11 and my Evernotes - web & install are working fine - although I'm on 10.64.3 on both installs.

Maybe uninstall and reinstall from Evernote.com?

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