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(Archived) Droid Client Blows me away


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Maybe this should be on the Windows forum.

However, the Android client is fantastic in it's approach. = Why can't they make the Windows release match it?

(2) Maybe, do any developer's know. Is there a realistic way, to run an emulator on Windows 7, for a Droid inside my PC. Otherwise, the Mobile - does work, very joyfully, for now.


HTD Desire (Eclair)

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I'm glad you find the Android app useful!

There are Android emulators for developers, but they aren't super friendly.

In general, you'll be better off with the native Windows integration ... drag PDF files and drop them on your Windows client, or select text in any application and use Win+A to clip that directly into a note in Evernote.

A sandboxed mobile app in a tiny window may not be quite as handy.

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