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Giph support from giphy.com





It would be nice if Evernote app supported embed codes from Giphy.com. I guess it would not be hard to implement into existing web app functionality if dev guys tried to make an inner iframe service which would work as a secure intermediate between Evernote and Giphy.


<div><img src="https://media4.giphy.com/media/ypqHf6pQ5kQEg/giphy.gif?cid=5a38a5a2p0ol0c38gpb1kqz6q3tqlc41cz2trj80iqf5qgbh&amp;ep=v1_gifs_search&amp;rid=giphy.gif&amp;ct=g" style="border:0;height:329px;width:300px"/><br/>via <a href="https://giphy.com/gifs/ypqHf6pQ5kQEg">GIPHY</a></div>


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There is a little problem with that. I use Evernote to distribute my blog posts to another blogs I own. Moreover, I use some automation services, such as IFTTT to share the source code from Evernote. 


Examplary use-case scenario: A note is being created in Evernote and after a few minutes its source code is being re-shared to Blogger. Blogger supports Iframes from other sites by default and Giphs are being displayed. So I thaught it would be cool if Evernote could generate an embeddable code or something similar so that users would not need to fix the source within their blog posts each time the content is distributed across other content management systems.


P.s. I'll try to suggest the idea to Evernote support as well

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