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Changed Notebook names, and now I have dozens of notes missing

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Hi guys, desperate for some assistance here.  I changed the name/titles of my notebooks, and a few times now (coinciding with the outage earlier this month) I have had what appear to be sync issues (not that we can check their status) between my notebooks appearing in the list as their former notebook titles and the new notebook titles that I changed them too -  does this sound like a sync issue?

When the new title notebooks re-appear, any new notes that were created in those notebooks appear, but when Evernote shows the old titles, it's just the previous notes from that notebook as it was)

Media (clippings and attachments) appear as spinning circles, and there is not history (checked by searching for the missing notes, looking at overall notes list etc)

It's been 24H and the notes have not come back, and I am getting worried.  Any suggestions from anyone please?  Checking for note history via notes or chatting with support is out of the question as I need to 'upgrade' to receive any kind of support(?)


PS - I do not have a local backup as changes are allegedly synced, suggesting no back up needed.

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I never had any issues with renaming notebooks. So don't panic - I'm sure it you will retain all notes - may in wrong (old named) notebooks because auf syncing delays with such extensive changes. But to get sure, you should contact support.

In the meanwhile you may check your dataset with the WEB client. I've the feeling that it is nearer to the server data because there is no (or nearly no) local data that needs to be synced...

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Hi.  Yeah - the problem with what sounds like fairly major changes,  is that they have to sync up to the server,  and then back down to any other devices connected to the account.  If you then use another device and see the 'old' setup,  because sync hasn't happened yet,  and then make more changes to 'correct' the matter,  you're simply complicating and confusing the situation.

Use the web client if you are a subscriber,  to see the current state of play on the server.  Give the display a few minutes to catch itself up.  If what you see there is correct,  you could uninstall and reinstall your desktop client as follows:

○ Sign out of Evernote / remove database from the device

○ Uninstall (PCs) with Revo Uninstaller Free (Windows) or Appcleaner (Mac)

○ Power off and on again / Reinstall from Evernote.com

Your local database and search index will be recreated from the server.

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