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My browser gave me the following:


The PDF attached to the note freezes itself when you click Open for any file, so you can only read it on EVERNOTE or after I have saved it。

The version uses the latest, but it's been in the same situation for the last two years or so。

Please give us your guidance。

What I've not experienced this myself or heard of it being a widespread issue but try the usual things like logging out and back in again, reinstalling and finally doing a complete uninstall using something like Revo and installing again from the Evernote download page.

Also check you have some software set as a default on Windows for PDFs.

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To me it looks like the new version.

There is a switch in the app settings to change the way an attachment is displayed. For a pdf it is by title, one page only or all pages. Default is one page.

There are 2 restrictions: One is that it will only work for notes added after the setting was changed. All notes before the new setting will show as before. Two is that not all attachments will be displayed as defined in settings. PDFs added by specific ways will always display as "One Page", not matter how the setting is defined.

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しかし、そのPDFファイルをダブルクリックして関連付けされているAcrobat Readerで開こうとすると応答なしになるということです。


Thank you all for your many ideas. My apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

I guess my description was not accurate. The symptoms are as follows. The version is not Legacy, but the latest Windows version.
PDF files attached to a note can be read in any view as long as it remains attached.
But if I try to open it by Acrobat Reader, Evernote freezes.

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