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(Archived) HELP: Line height problem



I tried Evernote a few years back but never started to use it because it converted my text notes into HTML which didn't work work me. During the holidays I took another look to see if I found it usuable despite the conversion. Everything seemed nice until I took my first web clipping (this is all done on a Mac running 10.6.5 and Safari).

I went to this address http://www.expressen.se/nyheter/1.22698 ... -gronsaker clicked on the "Print" link ("Skriv ut"). Selected the content and clicked the Evernote button.

The result is a note in Evernote but the line height of the first line is way to large and I can't figure out how to change the line height.

I looked at what have been written previously in the forum and the problem doesn't seem to be new, unfortunately I couldn't find a solution to this or have I missed something.

I don't like the HTML formatting in general but I could probably live with it but formatting problems like this would be more difficult to live with.

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I deal with the line height problem a lot. I've been refining my usage of evernote for several years, and I've come up with a simple personalized standard format for my notes that I want all notes to conform to. I'm not super OCD in a lot of areas of life, but I like evernote and use it a lot, and of course the more value you place on something, the more care you put into it.

I do know it can't be simple to address every formatting issue when there is essentially an infinite number of possibilities evernote must be able to handle. However, I (probably vainly) imagine my usage is typical, so maybe if I state what I want, someone will consider it.

What I commonly do is copy articles and essays from web pages, then strip out all images and embedded tables and any other special formatting, but keep all hyperlinks. (If links weren't important, I could easily paste as text either through notepad or inside evernote, and all my problems would go away.) I then change the article title and byline to a standard font, style, and color, and annotate the article with personal comments.

Very often when I copy text into my note, different line heights are imported as well. It's sometimes very VERY hard to remove unwanted line heights. If I could just make this one problem go away, everything else in my evernote world would be so easy. I almost wish there was a second "paste as text" option, one that retains hyperlinks. If I could turn such a hypothetical option on globally, it would fix just about everything for me.

Edit: there are probably many ways to fix this problem. My suggestion is only the one that occurs to me.

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