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Typing into the search box in tasks

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I'm having an issue with 10.63.4 (and the previous 10.63 release). When I type into the search box in tasks I can only type one or two characters and then the focus is lost and I have to click back into the search field in order to continue typing. This is very annoying for me as I rely on 3 character "HotStrings" to produce emojis. (ie text expander)

The web version does not have this issue.

Is this just me or can anyone else reproduce the problem?

I have tried the normal trick of logging out and then reloading the data base but that didn't help. I have not yet done a complete uninstall using revo uninstaller and reinstalled.

I have raised a support ticket but it would be great if I knew whether it affected other people as well.

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I'm also on 10.63.4 (although I don't remember that happening!) - just tried a few TLS's (three letter searches) at various speeds,  but no - the system just waits for me to finish.  Nothing pops up in Task Manager as taking notice that I'm starting a search - maybe your text expander is jumping the gun?

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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

maybe your text expander is jumping the gun?

I had also tried it with AHK disabled and for normal searches - still the same result. @Jon/t's experience is obviously the same so there is obviously something going on. I will try a revo uninstall and see if that solves it, as it obviously not affecting everybody.

Update: tried a complete uninstall/reinstall  -  didn't help.

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I concur. I open the task pop out, want to search for all tasks related to 'Car'. I type 'c' and lose focus and so on after each letter.  Something odd with the task search option.

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