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Improve the +New button and create new note button on mobile



I have used Evernote off and on for many years, but I am now using it fulltime as my project repository so I use it constantly throughout the day. 

Ask 1: When I'm using the + New button on Windows/Mac/iPad, it adds friction to my workflow to have to click twice (+ New --> choose note or task). I think a lot of us would prefer to have a dedicated New Note button in the primary view so that I can create new notes as quickly and effortlessly as possible. This seems super trivial, except I'm used to this behavior (single click) in most other pieces of software I've used or tried. My goal is to be in a flow state as much as possible when I'm working on projects, and every extra click diminishes that. My bet is this was a debate between UX and Product on how best to do this since you have both notes and tasks that people create (and that takes up screen real estate), but the two clicks is in my opinion the worse option. The base UI is a little cleaner, but the functionality is at the user's expense. 

(I also recognize that I can use a keyboard shortcut for this, but I still default to mouse clicks at times out of habit/when I'm using the mouse already.)

Ask 2: On iOS, I often want to quickly capture a note in Evernote as I'm driving and thinking about things. I have the widget installed that gives me the 4 options, but I would much prefer to have a very large + New Note button for this reason (a driving mode would be even better, but that's a big ask). Since Siri doesn't seem to work anymore for creating Evernote notes, the slight improvement is to have a very large button widget on my phone that I can tap and dictate a message with. As it is today, the widget buttons are too small to safely do this. I don't want all of the options - just a + New Note, and let me sort it later if it's a task, etc. 


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