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Title sort "collating sequence" appears to have changed from Legacy to current.

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It is my understanding that the collating sequence is different from what is on the Evernote Legacy.
Thanks for this suggestion! Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us so we built a way to make it quick and easy for you to send us your thoughts in the app. To do that, please follow these steps:

    On Mac and Windows: Go to Help > Share Feedback in the menu bar.
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Answer I got from "Support" about what is literally a bug.

Also, the price of Evernote is going up to $129.99USD:



By introducing new pricing, we know there's a risk of disappointing valued Evernote customers like you. The change helps us continue improving the performance and reliability of the product we all love, as well as adding exciting new features. Rest assured that you won't be paying more for just the same product—we think you're going to enjoy and get great value out of the latest features and improvements.


And more! The innovation doesn't stop there. We're putting in place plans to make Evernote even more useful, and we're excited to start rolling out more improvements for you.

As a loyal Evernote user, we hope you're as excited as we are about the future of the product. Concerning the pricing change, we're notifying all customers who are impacted before their renewal date. No action on your part is required, but you can manage your subscription anytime by visiting your Account Summary.



It's unbelievably disappointing the loss of functionality between Legacy and the current version. It's hard to not see this as a cash grab.


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I think there is a "text to number" conversion going on in the titles in v10 as far as title ordering goes.

Here I have 10 notes, 1 through 10. When I order by title, the '10 - Note' comes after the '9 - Note'. If it was going purely alphabetically, the '10 - Note' should come immediately after the '1 - Note'. (I don't have Legacy installed anymore to see how Legacy would be behave in this example.)


Also check out how it puts '005' in between '4' and '6' even though that note starts with a '0' so it should go before '1' -- if it was a true alphabetical sort.

I think in your example, the preceding zeros are all equating to the same value -- 0 -- as far as sorting purposes go.


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20 minutes ago, bakula said:

Your post about the iOS sort order is different than the one you just posted just now.

These are not the same notes. I erase this play ***** once the pictures are taken. Sort order may have been reversed between the 1st and 2nd posting.

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I did and I agree but was waiting for PinkElephant to realize this and suggest that sorting notes (and inserting notes in order) could be achieved by doing:






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