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(Archived) ENScript enhancement request - updating / deleting notes

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I like ENScript and use it under WINE on Linux - even with Evernote 4. But it's not quite "complete" to my mind:

I'd like to be able to delete notes that meet a search criterion (perhaps with the safeguard of exporting them to .enex before deletion).

I'd like to be able to update existing notes rather than having to create new ones. (Again backup in case of the user / programmer getting it wrong would be handy.)

This might require exposing a unique note ID (GUID) via a query - listNotes?

These two ideas - if implemented - would make it much easier to build apps that can interact with Evernote from Windows / WINE (and possibly Mac).

Any chance of this?


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It occurred to me one can sort of do it today - by exporting the whole database file to .enex, manipulating the result and importing into a fresh database file and finally flipping. Not fast, not pretty, but maybe OK for a batch operation.

But thanks for listening, Dave.


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