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Having Troubles Logging into Evernote

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Is it just me or has Evernote been having trouble connecting to the internet?

I have tried logging into Evernote starting Friday and found that I couldn't. The Evernote app keeps showing the following error message, "Unable to connect to Evernote. Please check your network connection and try again."

My network connection is fine. I have checked it several times and found no problems with it.

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Device? Laptop.

Windows Version: Windows 10 Pro, Version 22H2

Evernote Version: I cannot log into Evernote on my laptop, iphone, or tablet, so I cannot find the version of the Evernote app that I have right now.

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With Free you are restricted to 2 devices only.

Logging in on laptop, iPhone or tablet violates this limit.

It may be that this is at the root of your problem. Did you ever get a message that you use too many devices, and need to unsync one to be allowed to add another ?

The easiest way to unlock the Free limit would be to subscribe for a month to Personal.

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1 hour ago, MigdaliaMorris said:

Thanks, I will keep it in my mind.

Hi.  You're responding to a month-old topic with an apparently irrelevant comment - please note that we get some 'bot and AI input here which is not welcomed.  Posts that don't actually seem relevant to the discussion are liable to be removed.

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