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Hello all,

I used Evernote Legacy and exported/printed every note to pdf to my file system. The header of the notes contained meta data (note's information) like creating date, notebook, tags, changing dates. I upgraded now to the latest version and tried to find out, how to print meta data (note's information), but couldn't find a solution. Is there a possibility to print the note information as a header or somewhere else? I need the data in my file system stored. Thanks for help.

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38 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Unfortunately It's only possible to select metadata if you export to ENEX or HTML in v10.

And even if you select all the note attributes (ie meta data) and export as html the data is not actually displayed, although the info is there in the underlying html.


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The function is not cut, the fields will export, but then not displayed.

Ask the app you use to open the export why it doesn‘t show the information. This is nothing you can expect from EN, since it is not used to open HTML, for example.

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1 hour ago, Matthias Natho said:

Any other ideas?

Perhaps you could give us some background as to why you need to export the information to your file system. If it's just a backup there are better options. If you want to be able to read the notes in your local file system, as well as within Evernote, that seems like a lot of work to duplicate a system.

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I use EN as a notebook, which synchronises quickly informations and telephone notes between my office and my mobile devices. Important notes I use to have as a pdf in my file system which needs to have all the digital paperwork in a chronological order so as well the EN pdf files. Till now I could see the note information in the pdf-header of the file in my file system, where f.e. the creation and changing date were visible on first view. So it was easy to see, who made a change and when.

In EN legacy the printer gave the possibility to click the "print header option", which contained the note information. Now this option is no longer available. The export/print job seems to be created by EN not by the system or printer app. 

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