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Two annoyances in Search/filter

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A couple of recent issues. These were working in earlier versions of V10 (probably as recently as 10.62)

1. If you search for something and then open the filter by pressing the filter icon everything works as expected. However, if instead of using the icon, you use the "Open tag filter" keyboard shortcut (Alt+F2) the search is reset so you are filtering all notes.

2. Filter by a tag and get the blue tag lozenge. Then type into the search box to refine that filter (either text or an advasnced search string). Press enter and nothing happens - the text is still in the search box but has been ignored. If you click back in the search field and press enter the original tag filter is then deleted and you search just on the contents of the search field.

It's possible that item 2 is intended behaviour. We have to search then filter and not vice versa as this makes it much easier to reset a search.  If this is the case, then it is a change and annoying for those of us who use tags as our primary organisation method. A possible workaround is to only use search syntax as this can easily be added to and never use the various ways of selecting a tag.

As always, I'm intrerested if other users can reproduce the behaviour.




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OK here's a third annoyance.

3. Search for a tag in the main search field (thanks EN for bringing this back) and select the tag. Now repeat the process to search for a second tag. No tag is added  and the results are unchanged, but the statement under the search field says that two filters have been added


Search for yet another tag and suddenly all three tags are present (as blue lozenges) and the statement correctly says there are three filters added.

If you delete one of the tags from the search by deleting the lozenge it gives the correct results but still says you have three filters added


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