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Can't delete non-default notebook on a private account (no other administrator)

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Good evening,
I have an individual account (no teams, no administrator) containing several notebooks.

I use Evernote online in chrome browser as well as as app on Win 11.

One of these notebooks (not the default notebook) contains 16000 notes. 
I want to delete this notebook / the notes in this notebook. My Evernote file just gets too big and the initial loading takes ages.

What I do: Choose notebook --- choose three dots... - choose 'delete notebook' -- choose the red 'delete' button on pop-up.

Pressing the red button doesn't result in anything. It seems that the program does not register that I pressed the button.

As I read from the forum, my other option would be deleting this notebook in 100-note-batched. I already did that from 21000+ down.
And it starts to be annoying.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Screenshot 2023-10-05 213702.png

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Hi.  And hmmn.  According to this Evernote Help you're doing exactly the right thing,  so your next step really should be to reach out to Support for some assistance.  It does occur to me that moving 16,000 notes to the Trash will still slow your account down.  You'll also need to empty the trash too once a delete is complete.  


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Use the desktop app, not the web client.

Take the computer (or the app) offline. Open the activity monitor. Delete the notebook. Check the activity monitor if the EN app(s) - there will be some helpers - keep clam, or go bezerk. Once they are calm, go back online.


What it does is to take the notebook with all notes to the trash. This is practically a „move 16.000 notes from the notebook X to the Trash-notebook“. Trash is technically just another notebook, just with a few specifics like not showing up in searches.

v10 does process such a move in little loops. It would try to sync every single note operation with the server - and this is what makes it slow in a few operations. By deleting offline, the move is done on the local database, without syncing.

The syncing will then happen when back online again, but it will run in the background, replicating the trashing moves to the server. Best would be to run it in the evening, and let the syncing happen over the night.

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