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Web client - slow loads / non-loads / lost data (started 9/26/23)


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Around Tuesday this week, I started noticing issues with the Web client (which I have been forced to use because of security issues - the Windows client does not truly log out at the end of the day when the laptop is shut down).

The Web client has worked flawlessly until this week when it has started acting in an inconsistent and unreliable manner.

I have checked my ISP, so before anyone goes blaming that, nothing has changed.

What I am experiencing is notes that either won't load or are taking 1-2 minutes to load. They are not old, they are fresh, some having been worked with just an hour or so before. Many of them are also not large and just a few pages.

Worst of all, there is no rhyme or reason to it. A note I was just working with can take forever to load, then I open one that's a few years old and it opens immediately.

I have also started having issues with pasted images not saving. They are there when the note is open (sometimes for quite a while), but when I step away from the note and come back, there are only broken links where the images once were.


Did someone change something on the back-end because this is very frustrating. I rely on being able to pull up this information and search on demand. Waiting for 1-2 minutes for something to load is not acceptable.

If this is going to be how it is going forward, I need to know so I can start searching for other working alternatives.


Thank you!


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Hi.  It might help us to know your device / OS (10 or 11) / web browser and whether you have tried any other browsers. 

You mention the Windows client not logging out - were you in the habit of just clicking the 'x' at the top of the window,  or was this a File > Quit?

In the former case Evernote stays active,  in the other it does not.  If you see any activity it will be the app briefly 'tidying up' before closing completely.

Your browser will also presumably have Clipper installed but that saves directly to Evernote's servers.

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Do you have your laptop at to Sleep or Hibernate? If that's the case Evernote is still stored in its last state on the hard disk but of course not running. If you shut down then Evernote will restart on login next day. You can change the setting in Evernote so that it does not start when you login to your computer.

I don't know what the answer might be for the web browser. Have you tried a different browser? If you use Chrome then try Firefox or vice versa.

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