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File missing from 6.25.2 to Evernote Online

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My company works with 2 Evernote  6.25.2 Binary (works fine) and 1 online access.

Notes that contain attached files works fine between the 2  Evernote  6.25.2 Binary.  Notes with attached files are synchronised fine.

But , if i access that note from Evernote online, the attached file are missing.  (Note is here, and text is up to date, but all attached file are missing)

How to access those atttached files from the online version ?



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The 6.25 client is deprecated since 2020. The data structure is not compatible with the new software any more - EN makes a conversion on the server, which will probably be abandoned one day.

What about updating the clients to the supported software, and try again ?

The other option are 2 toggles in your account settings: Page 1 Evernote Web Old/New client, page 2 de- / activate v10+.

You can experiment with them if any combination will make the attachments show.

This is however no sustainable solution - once the pull the plug on the old software, syncing will completely stop.

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After 2 days, Evernote support just do not answer...  We are left alone, without my documents.   We are paying users begging for support, but Evernote support don't care.


I guess that, as professionals, it was an error to choose Evernote.   Their product  lose my documents and support don't answer. 

This is incompatible with professional needs.




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2 hours ago, evernote_lost_my_day said:

After 2 days, Evernote support just do not answer

Hi.  If you contacted Support correctly,  you would have received a ticket number.  If you post that here I can ask a Forum admin to chase it for you* - but after the number is issued,  2-3 days is the normal interval before you receive a human follow-up.  Your priority in the queue may also be affected by what you actually put in the ticket - Evernote warned 3 years ago that 6.25 is outdated and would not receive support.  If you asked for help to get that back and running,  they will not assist.  If you specified that you lost data and need help they will assist you to install and use v10.

*We're mainly other users in the Forums here,  and have no direct links to Evernote.  The Forums are administered by employees who can sometimes pass on messages.  Can you give us some more information about your device(s) / operating system(s) and Evernote subscription levels?  Plus how your company operates with just 1 access?  Does more than one employee have access with a shared password?  Maybe if we understood your issue more clearly we could offer assistance.

Have you tried accessing your account by signing in to Evernote.com?  Your account is stored on Evernote's servers and should be available there through any browser...


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